Can You Wear Chikankari Kurti with Baggy Jeans 

Girls don’t be panicked about your wardrobe compliments because you’ve so many options regarding outfits more than of boys. If you are thinking about wearing a Chikankari Kurti paired with baggy jeans, this is the best idea to style these combinations.

Chikankari kurti continues to be in vogue! Rightly so. Actually, they are so comfy, breezy, and exude timeless elegance. Wearing a chikankari kurti with baggy jeans looks stunning.

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These compliments are so popular because so many Bollywood celebs were found to style baggy jeans and chikankari kurti- Rashmika Mandana, Sara Ali Khan and Helly Shah. Wearing a kurti with jeans is a traditional outfit for various occasions and events.

Actually! Chikankari kurtis have been an ultimate fashion for centuries and are still in high demand. Pair a kurta with jeans in a number of ways, based on the sense of fashion. They come in a wide range of colors and can be styled in so many ways. It’s important to carefully make the perfect combination with them like footwear, accessories and the latest color of kurti and jeans. 

Think carefully about your Style

Which type of footwear you want to wear and which accessories will give a modern look with them? Actually! There is no variation about the fashion but if you are staying in a chikankari kurti with baggy jeans paired with ballet flats, sneakers, Oxford shoes and ballerinas these are the best options for a comfortable and casual look. 

Think about Brand of Compliments

Think about what you are purchasing, actually! Always keep in mind to be dressed in your staples. Which brand, size and color will prefer a cool look. Consider what would suit your personal style. 

  • Remember when you buy a pair of jeans and kurti to ensure that they fit your personality. Although! It’s easy to get the perfect size. 
  • This is especially to avoid laces shoes with them, they will not look good. Wearing baggy jeans (wide leg jeans) with laces can bothered you. 

How to Make Stylish Chikankari Kurti Baggy Jeans

Kurti with jeans is a traditional piece of clothing worn by India,  Pakistan and Bangladesh and any other desi communities. This combination is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing.  Wearing a kurta with jeans is the ultimate go to style for any girl and woman, be it a quick rush to get done with day-to-day errands. There are some unique ways to style these outfits.

  • You can choose the best shoes to go with when ready for events or college. 
  • Some traditional but statement pieces of jewelry or earrings and bangles would only add more oomph to the jeans and kurti outfit. 
  • You can add scarves and printed dupatta to elevate your casual and formal look. 
  • Experiment with a different style of jeans and choose with embroidery and simple kurtis. 
  • Usually! You can put on light makeup with them. 
  • Add accessories with them like sunglasses, handbags and bright jewelries. 
  • Looking for the perfect footwear that elevates your casual look.

Top 8+ Ways to Style a Chikan Kurti Pairing with Baggy Jeans 

We love chikankari kurtis with wide- leg jeans! These wardrobe staples are evergreen and just so pretty. You look so elegant styling them. These compliments are a popular choice among girls and women alike. The entire ensemble is so easy to wear and breezy. Overall, experimenting with different combinations allows you to express your unique style and create diverse fashion statements. 

Long Chikankari Kurti with Wide-leg Jeans

Elevate your style with trendy and stylish chikankari kurti pairing with baggy jeans combination. You can make them more stylish to wear with a denim jacket and scarf or dupatta.This is one of the best kurti to wear with jeans as it creates a balance fusion of traditional modern style offering comfort and a touch of elegance. This outfit is really timeless for every occasion from casual to formal. Dear! You can complete your look with ballerinas, shoes, and sandals. These are the most polished footwear for women and girls. 

Chikankari Kurti with Jewellery

Chikankari kurti with jeans are beautiful elements. You can make your style with these accessories such as earrings, necklace and tote or tan bags are a classic choice that can beautifully complement a chikankari kurti. Choose matching bangles sets or watches and a huge ring for any occasion. Elevate your style with shoes and sandals. 

Short Kurti Wide- Leg Jeans

Elevating the charm of a short kurti with baggy jeans is the best option to really prefer and wear for daily wear. They are a comfortable combination that works every season including chilly winter days. Wearing cardigan and denim jackets or bomber jackets with them. Obviously! You can get a better look by wearing a belt and scarfs too. 

Anarkali Printed Chikankari Kurti

Kurti with jeans are an epitome of comfort, elegance. Wearing kurti with baggy jeans is the best way to create effortless looks on a budget. You can easily wear it to formal places like dinner with friends, date and college or birthday’s party. This type of kurti has various shades that will make you look cool with light accessories. 

Printed Short Kurti with Distressed Wide-leg Jeans 

Elevate your ethnic wardrobe by wearing distressed baggy jeans and stunning printed short kurti that epitomize grace and elegance. With its chic fusion of formal and casual elements, the short kurti with baggy jeans is a fashionable choice for women. If you’re wondering about the most changing look- add a dupatta and sneakers with them. Layering your outfits with light accessories such as a chunky neck piece or some statement earrings, necklace, the choice is yours. 

Red Chikan Kurti with Blue Baggy Jeans Jeans

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 One of the perks of wearing a kurti is that it goes well with just about anything. Oh yes!  you can wear it everywhere and on every occasion.  It wouldn’t look odd if you know just how to do it. However!  so many celebs pulled off the  kurti with jeans with much elan and looked  just so pretty. 

Team up with Straight kurti 

When you styling straight kurti with baggy jeans look classy and trendy. However, you shouldn’t put on a too long kurti with baggy jeans. You can add sneakers and dupatta to layering up in the neck. It creates a well-balanced and flattering silhouette that’s suitable for a wide range of events. 

Shirt-Type Kurti with Wide-Leg Jeans Combination

The baggy jeans and shirt-type kurti combination presents a comfortable fusion that stands out as one of the best choices for ladies seeking modern kurti with jeans styles. This combination allows for versatility in styling for casual outings or formal occasions. 

Choose Appropriate Footwear

Select footwear that complements the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can opt for sandals, sneakers, ankle boots, or even heels to elevate the look.  By following these tips, you can effortlessly create a coordinated and fashionable outfit by matching a Chikankari Kurti with baggy jeans, perfect for casual outings or everyday wear.

Pairing a chikankari kurti with baggy jeans can create a stylish and unique fusion of traditional and contemporary fashion. The delicate embroidery of the kurti adds an elegant touch while the relaxed fit of the baggy jeans offers comfort and relaxed vibe. 

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