What Colour Jeans to Wear with Maroon Shirt

There are various people who are fans of maroon shirts which can easily match because this color is not only casual, they do work professionally if you wear the right matching pair of denims. They absolutely elevate your look and standard. Wearing a maroon shirt with contrast jeans seems awesome for every season. Actually! Many types of jeans with a maroon shirt together look crazy. 

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A Maroon colour shirt is the highlight of your look. It’s always better to go with pairing a dark and light shades but it’s depending on occasion, and situation. Just feel confident while you put on. Never forget to wear accessories for being stylish. 

Various Colors of Jeans to wear with Maroon Shirt that obviously elevates your look

These are a sweet and simple outfit combination for all ages. I recommend a lot of jeans that you can try with cool combinations that just makes you feel most comfortable and confident. You can wear dark blue, tan chinos play nicely and remember to always keep in contrast. These colors look totally gorgeous and can complement maroon sets effortlessly. Well! Lets try it for a casual and formal look that can be teamed up with a maroon shirt and your favorite jeans. Let’s get into it. 

  • Maroon Shirt + Blue Jeans 
  • Maroon Shirt + Black Jeans
  • Maroon Shirt + White Jeans
  • Maroon Shirt + Brown or Beige
  • Maroon Shirt + Navy Blue Jeans 
  • Maroon Shirt + Olive Green Jeans 
  • Maroon Shirts + Gray Jeans
  • Faded Jeans
  • Light Washed Denim
  • Maroon Shirt + Off White or Cream Jeans Maroon Shirt + Gray Jeans that is a neutral and versatile look. 

Consider the Contrast:

It’s so important to consider how much contrast you between maroon shirts and jeans when you wearing your favourite maroon shirts with denims. Actully, Maroon is a dark shades pairing this dark typically dark color with a pair of light coloured jeans will lead to a high contrast combo. Generally! These low contrast combination would be a better option when you’re looking up to dress up

Maroon Shirt With Matching Colour Of Jeans 

Every denim always look well with a maroon shirt. However, some of rich color of jeans have been used together for decades like white, black and navy blue.

Maroon Shirt + Blue Jeans: FOR A CLASSIC LOOK

Maroon shirts and dark blue jeans are great variants that make for a great stand alone matching color. But if you are looking to pack a punch with the same jeans but a little light blue shades and throw on a printed scarf or some accessories.

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This collection would get you a smart and casual look with boots or sneakers. I always recommend wearing it properly.    

Maroon Shirt + Black Jeans + Boots

Yes! Maroon and black are really glamorous patterns for all weather. Actually a black color is a neutral color that observes the variant’s color and pattern of the shirt. A plain maroon shirt goes well with just about any color but black is incredible. Fresh, youthful and sophisticated at the same time. However! Colour is not the only thing, sometimes personality too. A maroon shirt and black jeans gives a modern look if you try with a belt and shoes. Really, they are attractive, comfortable and timeless outfits and gives you a killer look.

Maroon Shirt + White Jeans

Yes! one of the the best combinations, A maroon is a vibrant color that catches eyes easily. Goes with neutral white will boost your appearance beautifully when worn with a maroon shirt. These pairs can be worn to office meetings or off days office with a jacket. Actually! They make you look simple but still keep splendid. when you paired with shoes will give the perfect matches.

Maroon Shirt + Brown or Beige colour 

Go for a dark and light combination. This combo actually gives you a contrasting look in the summer season. You can try it on with beige or brown jeans although they are more unconventional. This combination almost every tone of men’s personality and it looks cool and elegant. 

Maroon Shirt + Navy Blue Jeans

An elegant pair of jeans are always balancing your top or t-shirt. For a classic look navy blue and maroon are two most suitable color and with them black formal shoes, belt too. They can be everywhere if you wish to add a leather  jacket or blazer and sunglasses that make your winter exciting. 

Maroon Shirt + Olive Green Jeans 

Looking for jeans with a maroon shirt? Don’t worry, olive green jeans work well with. If you want to be dressy put on a jacket, sweater, scarf. Stylish combinations include maroon button up shirts and sneakers or dark brown shoes. Many people believe that olive green is too bold or too difficult. When you are well dressed up, you look flattering and bold. I think my efforts always make you look classy. However, it’s more exciting and just as easy. Similarly, they are eye-catching. 

Maroon Shirt + Off White or Cream Jeans

You can wear any jeans based on the situation. For formal events, going with a neutral or distressed would be the smarter choice. Off- white or cream color jeans will make you look classy and avoid wearing ties if it is necessary try light colour ties.

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Denims are a good substitute for worn black or brown sneakers. If you want an individual look try another polo t-shirt over a maroon shirt that looks original. That’s not tough to style but creamy or off white jeans probably serve you well. 

Maroon Shirt + Grey Jeans That is a Neutral and Versatile look:

Maroon, like burgundy, is a rich, warm color that pairs beautifully with your neutrals- When wearing a maroon shirt and grey jeans,  go for a stylish and standard silhouette. Actually grey jeans are a versatile item that can be paired with a variety of shirt colors but it looks best with a dark shirt & top. For a casual, laid-back vibe, you could pair grey jeans with a white t-shirt or a black t-shirt. Whether you choose a polo t–shirt and a maroon over shirt the contrast looks fantastic with black shoes. It can be a surprisingly versatile component of your wardrobe too. 

Trying with Distressed Jeans:

Distressed jeans will boost your appearance beautifully when worn with maroon shirts. for outings, you can add with jacket and scarf. Distressed jeans creates a sophisticated and modern combination in your matching outfits.

Trying with them Faded Jeans:

Absolutely! Dive with faded jeans and maroon shirts. if you worn faded jeans it adds depth to the outfit and create a balanced refined balance.

When it comes to choosing right & simple denims, I’ll never forget faded color jeans. Just I love it. I make sure your shoes or loafers can make you dashing.

Adding with Light Washed Denim:

Maroon shirt with with light washed jeans can add a relaxed and casual vibe to your outfit. This combination is ideal for a laid back and comfortable look.


When it comes to pairing jeans with a maroon shirt, you’ve got some great options. If you want classic and easy vibe go for some dark and medium jeans. black jeans are your go to for a sleek and modern look. friends! If you’re aiming for a slightly fancier feel- gray or off white can do the trick, aiding a touch of sophistication. chilled out with light wash and faded denims. However! its not just about the colours but also how jeans fit and the style you’re going for. and wearing with suitable or cool belt or shoes to complete the vibes. So, whether you’re going classic or trying something bit different and match until you find the combo that suits your style.

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