Soundous Moufakir Unveils in a Peacock-Inspiring Avatar For a New Song ‘Morni’ Promoting


Moroccan model and dancer-turned actress Soundous Moufakir left for fans a new avatar for her latest trending music video ‘morni’.  Soundous Moufakir dressed in a striking ensemble with a peacock feather design in promoting time. 

Raftaar with Soundous Moufakir– Soundous captivated all with her enchanting presence and promoting song. Though, her outfit pays homage to the majestic national bird of india. She says, this peacock feathers outfit is made by myself. She wore a stylish earrings, bangles and a pair of strappy heels.  

‘Morni’ song was released on Tuesday. Soundous Joining this project was an easy decision.  She shared that thoroughly loved working on the track, which she described as a ‘happening Party number’. 

For this song Sukh -E also expressed his enthusiasm, when so many people come together, you get a sure-shot hit. 

The music video, directed by Crevixa, promises to be a visual extravaganza, with Soundous dazzling the audience with her graceful dance moves and magnetic performance. Famous choreographer duo Piyush and Shazia created dynamic dance moves, adding another layer of excitement to the energetic vibe of the track’s party anthem, infused with nostalgic pop sounds of the 1990’s. 

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