Rihanna Missed the Met Gala 2024

Nobody is not here who isn’t unfamiliar with the Met Gala!! Actually, who watches it every year knows that BadGalRiRi is one the highlights of the red carpet. 

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As everyone aware of this Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are known for making a splashy entrance each year on fashion’s biggest night, but this year notably absent from the red carpet. 

But most of people missed her because she had some of the most classic outfit, ranging from going big with a petal outfit to revealing her baby belly, although on the interview with Extra last month, Rihanna hints her hair and makeup would have been the star of the show, and really she want to do happy to all friends. 

Although! Rihanna recently teased her look for this year’s Met Gala, a source for people confirmed the superstar had to cancel at the last time after contracting the flu. 

But various fashionistas were disappointed such as Rihanna didn’t show up at the 2024 Met Gala 2024 on Monday, despite being invited by Anna-Wintour. 

Considering the invitation, ahead of the annual event, the Met Queen teased a ‘real simple’ look in an interview with Extra, promising, “I’m showing up for dinner”. She hints to her typically fashionably late entrance. But the strange thing was then for all, she didn’t show up for dinner. 

As everyone knows Rihanna and Rocky have two small children, (Rza & Riot) who celebrates his second birthday on May 13. It could also be another reason for not attending the Met Gala 2024. 

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