Best Jeans for Straight Waist

Choosing the perfect fitting jeans according to their body shape, it’s tough but not impossible. Actually! Everyone has different types of body shape. And jeans come in many varieties of styles, fits, cuts and color combinations. A looser fit of straight leg jeans is a refreshing change and just so comfortable. They look great with just about any casual outfit.

Two different colors jeans for straight waist,

Below are some closet staples that are not too baggy, not too tight they will give your athletic build the moment it deserves. Today I want to cover my favorite straight leg jeans that are both classic and trendy right now. 

1) Boyfriend Jeans

Probably! Boyfriend jeans are a comfortable option that will give you more room than skinny jeans. While wearing a pair of high rise jeans will accentuate the waist. A boyfriend jeans will never go out of style, so there are years of fashion inspiration to pull from. These pairs of jeans are versatile- they go great with sneakers and sweatshirts and with cuffed boyfriend jeans tucked in a button up blouse for a formal vibe. 

2) Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans were originally popularized and fav0red by moms in the 80’s or 90’s. They are generally high waisted loose around the thighs, and have tapered legs. Their distinct style comes from the tapering of legs down to the ankle. 

High waisted jeans that are snug around the hips perfect for a straight body shape. If you want to look supermodel then think mom jeans that can become a part of your comfort new normal. 

3) Regular High Rise Jeans

If you want a regular fitting with a flattering outfit choose the high waisted pants. Make sure they are a perfect fit. Actually, mid rise and high rise jeans help to cover your belly and these jeans do not provide the most flattering shape if you’ve a bigger tummy. It’s smart to at least give your top a front tuck if you’re wearing a similarly blousy shirt. That little bit of effort can really help with proportion. Even the most expensive, well made designer jeans will look mom-esque if they are really short. Avoid low rise jeans. They don’t cover your belly and puffy bombs. 

4) Flared High Rise Jeans

Flare jeans for women are very versatile to style and pair with absolutely any top and footwear options. If you are a beginner in fashion insta go with a modified cut that is slim or straight thigh that flared jeans. It’s easier to style jeans like this as the top half is closer to the jeans you already own. With flared jeans can worn heels, that your legs look miles-long.  

They’re also great for guys with wider hips, as well as tall guys who run the risk of looking like a stick figure in jeans . In terms of style, flared jeans are the best in classic washes for casual looks.

Today, any age group can wear these pairs of jeans and style in their own unique way. They can be stylish with crop tops or a kurta. 

5) Relaxed fit Straight Leg Jeans

For those looking for a durable and work appropriate option, Relaxed fit Straight Leg Jeans is a reliable choice. When you shopping for jeans with a straight waist, it’s crucial to try on different styles and brands to find the one that fits your personality.

Styling Your Jeans for Flattering Look

Pick your favorite tops in perfectly fitting and size like asymmetrical tops to pair with your jeans. Whether you’ve chosen a fitted or asymmetrical top to your favorite jeans that have the most flattering length that will work to hide your tummy.  Similarly avoid tops like crop tops because they are short in your hips. At Least they look weird on the backside. 

Avoid Wearing Belt  

For a more ‘cinched’ look that doesn’t create any baggy bulge. Aim to wear your belt around the slimmest part of your tops, which may be your high waist or your low waist, depending on your personality.  If your jeans need a belt to stay on, they are too big for you. Go for a smaller size that fits you more snugly. 

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