Influencer Aastha Shah at the red carpet Cannes Film Festival 2024

The Cannes Film Festival is renowned as one of the most prestigious in the industry, making attendance a notable achievement. Along with stars, the festival has also witnessed a remarkable showcase of talent and glamour, with several types of influencers making a significant impact on the global stage. 

Image: Instagram

Here we talk about Mumbai based content creator Aastha Shah who walked the red carpet at the 77th prestigious Cannes Film Festival as the first Indian with skin disorder, vitiligo disease. She said, I want to show everyone that beauty comes in overall shades and styles. 

Styling a mustard yellow satin silk gown designer by Fouad Sarkis, Aastha looked amazing and incomparable. Really, she mesmerized everyone with her beauty. The ethereal gown perfectly complemented her poise and elegance. The intricate designs and flowing silhouette highlighted her natural beauty, drawing attention to her vitiligo in a way that was both empowering and inspiring. 

Aastha Shah is suffering from a disease which can break anyone’s courage but breaking these shackles, she appeared in a magic version at the Cannes Film Festival 2024. Although! She said, I was never conscious about my vitiligo disorders because my parents always made me feel comfortable and unique but society made me feel uncomfortable. She also said that when this disease spread to all of my body, I stopped taking the medicine. I want to stay the way I’m. 

Additionally! She says, Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow is my biggest inspiration. She has one million followers on Instagram account. 

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