How to Wear Kurti with Wide-leg Jeans

Dear…Are you looking for styling with a fusion of traditional and modern elements? We know everybody wants a comfortable, breezy and full proof stunner combination whether you stay at home or outside. These comfortable compliments never go out of style, so you can make it your ethnicity & modernity. 

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If you’re fully planning to wear a kurti with wide leg jeans that’s obviously, effortlessly blend cultural elegance with contemporary flair. 

Actually, choosing the right combination isn’t rigid but always keep in mind height & personality. These elements come in various patterns and those are also appropriate for outings, traveling, meetings and brunch also. Here are some of the best compliments ideas to style kurti with wide-leg Jeans. 

Choosing the Right Fitting Kurti with Jeans

If you are looking for a kurti with jeans, the first step is to opt for a kurti that should be tailored or semi fitted, as they complement the relaxed silhouette of wide leg jeans. Additionally! Consider the length of the kurti- longer work well with leg jeans and create the balance proportion. 

Consider Layering Compliments

The extra layer will keep you smart & modern look. Make your statement outstanding with accessories like a pendant chain, or chunky silver jewellery, earrings and pairing them shrug for a touch of bohemian flair. Choosing the perfect compliments with them so that it will elegance your wardrobe. 

Footwear Selection

The type of shoes you pair with your wide leg pants depends on your article. Choosing the right footwear that compliments the relaxed vibe of wide leg jeans while also accentuating the traditional charm of kurti. Opt for ethnic footwear, kolhapuri slippers or belly or keep it casual yet chic with sandals or sneakers. The key is to strike the right balance between comfort and style. 

10+ Easy Ways of Styling Combination with Trendy Kurti & Wide-leg Jeans

Kurti is a traditional piece of clothing worn everywhere. These compliments  are the most comfortable piece of clothing. Actually! For casual look you can wear with embroidery, heavy kurtis also.

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Wide leg jeans with kurti can prove to be the best way to make a style statement anywhere nowadays. And really these are preferable for all women/girls in any occasions or office and college. 

Long Straight Cut Kurti Wide leg jeans

Darling! If you’re bored of wearing skinny jeans or leggings? It’s time to chill out your wardrobe and embrace the versatility of wide-leg with knee length kurti. While you pair both combinations they balance your style and personality. Wearing a kurti with jeans looks really on every feminine whether she is medium to petite in height or thin. If you want a bit of a difference try dupatta with them that drape the rounds of the neck. 

Classic White with Blue Jeans

Every girl wants to wear this deadly combination that can pull off attention easily. If your kurti could come with a center slit that makes it more appealing. Along with them you style with a bag and some accessories. 

Opt for Double Slit Kurti 

Double slit kurti often look stunning with wide leg jeans. If your kurti has a high slit make it extremely glamorous and modern. Dark kurti can be paired with wide leg jeans with simple accessories. 

Consider Front Slit kurti with Them 

Pairing a front slit kurti with wide leg jeans gracefully merges traditional and contemporary style. This kurti with jeans style eases the moment for the wearer and compliments jeans style and structure. 

Choose the Wide-leg Jeans with and Simple Short Kurti

Wearing these colorful kurti with jeans can really make a difference in your wardrobe. It can easily be worn to formal places like work offices and evening fun with families. Jeans and kurti are more everyday in style. 

Make your Style With Sight Slit Kurti

Sight Slit kurti will look elegant with your favorite jeans and bellies. Styling these pairing everywhere like college, meetings with friends or events. Opting for two different types of fabrics used that will get you a polished and beautiful personality. 

Short Kurti with Jeans

Short Kurta looks great paired with flared or wide leg jeans and paired with a colorful tote bag. Don’t avoid accessories, actually your bracelet, earrings, bag and watch or bangles will create your elegant look. 

Red Kurti & White Wide-leg Jeans: Make your Style

For a casual look you can wear Red Kurti & white Wide leg Jeans that are amazing outfits. If you want a difference add some accessories. Choose the right footwear with them. Actually your slippers will elevate your style. 

Choose Wisely: Embroidery Kurti with Jeans

Embroidery kurti with wide leg jeans combination presents a trendy and comfortable fusion that stands out as one of the best choices for ladies seeking heavy kurti jeans style.

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Wearing these combinations offers a sophisticated style and creates a fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetic. 

Shirt-Type Kurti for Jeans Combination 

Wearing the shirt type of kurti with jeans is a fashionable choice for every woman. These are perfect for various occasions, this jeans with kurti style combination presents a contemporary yet polished look. 

Tuck in with Denim long Top-type Kurti with them

Obviously! You prefer a stunning look when you pair wide leg jeans with denim tops or short kurti. Your monochromatic elegance of the blue on blue will be very nice. However! It’s simple but so cute. I always recommend staying away from natural colors in summer. Keep it simple. 

Ethnic High Slit Kurti with Jeans

High slit kurtis are trending in the fashion world. When you wear a high slit kurti with jeans you’ll really get a modern look with high heels.This pairing adds a contemporary edge to the traditional jeans and kurti style. These comments are perfect outings also. 

Style with Layering Wardrobes

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You can make your style with wide leg jeans with a layering shrug are perfect in all weather. Wearing a silky blouse or kurti is the best with booties or heels. Well! when you wearing wide leg pants, it is important to wear a kurti or other ensembles that is not too baggy, if it’s baggy, so you will just end up looking like a shapeless peroration.

What are the Wide-leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are loose fitting that gives your legs comfortable. They are fitted around the waist but down the legs they are flared. Although! This is a different style from Bell bottom or flared pants. Which are fitted through the knee or calf and then open widely. It is opposite from skinny jeans. The girls also love them for their comfort and solid textures. 

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