How to Styling Chikankari Kurti (Kurta) with Jeans 

All girls are so confused about their outfit to get an elegant and comfortable look every day. Actually! She wants to appear different, whether in beauty or dressing sense and any other compliments. By the way! For the girls, there are various wardrobe staples like suits, jeans-top and kurtis, saree or other embroidery styling for females, among them chikankari suits and jeans. 

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Friends! Here we talk about chikankari suits with jeans, that is one the most traditional and embroidery styles from Lucknow. This embroidery is an expensive art since it constitutes extensive needle & stitch-based work. Chikankari have been an ultimate fashion for centuries and are still in high demand. 

Chikankari kurti paired with jeans offer a beautiful blend of tradition and modern style. It is a beautiful, skillfully crafted piece of hand embroidery, it’s perfect for summer weather. Wearing a kurti with casual jeans looks stunning. But if you want to wear it in winter choose a shawl or denim jackets, that’s not only functional but also fashionable. Here are some easy ways to address your styling chikankari kurti with jeans. 

Let’s See these 7+ Ways to Style Embroidery Chikankari Kurti paired with Jeans 

Darling! Enjoy with trendy cargo pants ans stylish chikankari kurti that’ll never feel you insipid anywhere about to your outfits.

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Embrace Elegance: Wearing Chikankari kurti with Jeans 

Wearing chikankari kurti with jeans are such a fitted piece that flares out bottom, giving it a modern and chic look. Choosing the right compliments with kurti. If you think about to wear jeans with kurti, so It’s a perfect blending of ethnicity and modernity. This combination not only offers comfort but also unique charm. Let’s see here achieve a perfect balance between tradition and trend. If you’ve chosen a short kurti of your choice, obviously pick a pair of jeans to go with it. Keep it classy yet trendy, with blue, black and white jeans. let’s trying with them a pair of kolhapuri sleepers, shoes and unique pieces of jewelry with delicate earrings, single pendant necklace, chunky bangles, and choker etc.

Casual Comfort Ensemble

Pairing your kurti with relaxed fit jeans like boyfriend jeans or mom jeans for a casual and comfortable outfit. Throw on a plain white or matching tank top (vest) under your kurti for a layered look. Actually! Wearing this combination aims for a comfortable and effortlessly stylish look and perfect for everyday wear, running errands or casual outings. You can create a more formal look with glowing up your hairstyle, whether a sleek bun, a loose braid or you can curly the hair. 

Appear Attracted & Different

Elevate your outfit with wedges, pumps or block heels for a more formal look. Drape a contrasting or matching dupatta elegantly over your shoulder or head for a touch of tradition and grace. You can complete your style by taking a clutch or handbag for a polished finish. 

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Matching & Embracing your Textures 

Play with prints and textures! When you combine your chikankari kurti with jeans, choose simple denim washes, prints and textures for a unique look. 

Balance the Silhouettes 

Since chikankari chikankari kurti is often flowy and loose, balance the Silhouettes with fitted jeans. Skinny jeans, straight cuts, wide legged jeans or slim fit jeans can create a flattering contrast with the billowy nature of the kurti. 

Which types of Jeans looks Good with Kurti

Are you tired of your outfit on the same day and Do you want to wear something embroidery? You can add beauty and different types of aesthetic to your outfit like chikankari kurti with jeans. Chikankari kurti is one of the best kurti with jeans for girls as it creates a dynamic fusion of classic and modern elements. However! Chikankari kurta goes well with almost everything for a formal setting. 

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There are so many varieties, different styles of chikankari kurti. Layer your kurti with casual jeans or denim jackets for a laid-back yet stylish vibe and versatile for various occasions. You can add with kolhapuris, different shoe styles, like sneakers for sporty look, sandals for a breezy feel or loafers for a polished touch. Remember the right pair of kurti and jeans will complete your outfit and personality and help you feel confident and well dressed for any event or outings. 

Match your Kurti with Baggy Jeans

There you have it! These jeans ideas of your white Chikankari kurti can be the most versatile piece and  always an evergreen staple in your closet. While you wear a loose fitting kurti add with them baggy jeans with a tote bag. 

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Add a Trouser with Kurti

For days when you want to keep it simple and comfortable, go for trousers. It can be worn in any color of kurti like light blue, pink or green with white embroidery kurti, add a trouser with them. Wearing trousers with a chikankari kurti would be a perfect choice for bold look. 

Opt for Chino Pants for that 

If you want a monochromatic look, wear chino pants under a chikankari kurta that is comfortable and flattering your style. Slim fitted chinos pants and flattering kurti will be embraced. It creates a visually appealing look with a contrasting dupatta or scarf. 

Add a Mirror Chickenkari Kurti with Jeans Combination

Indeed! Wearing long chikankari kurti with casual jeans is a graceful allure. As the elongated silhouette of the kurti compliments the sleek lines of the jeans. While you wear jeans with kurti balanced your personality. You can wear it with high waisted flared jeans. They offer together comfort and a touch of elegance. 

Choosing the White Kurti with Jeans

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Wearing a white kurti with jeans is the symbol of clean and peacefulness that allows intricate embroidery of the kurta to stand out beautifully. These compliments will provide you extra smartness if you are draping with contrast dupatta. Darling! Don’t over think of these compliments. I promise you, these wardrobe staples you won’t regret wearing. 

Short Chikankari Kurti with Bootcut Jeans 

Friends! If you are looking for something comfortable choose a short chikankari kurti or top with boyfriend jeans. This pairing can be worn to outings, college or any friend’s meetings with parties. I personally recommend, these ensembles are appropriate for any place. 

Last but not Least: Washing Instructions

We recommend all chikankari articles to hand wash only them with cold water and avoid washing machines. It’s best to hand wash your chikankari kurti in cold water with a mild detergent. If you use a washing machine, use a gentle or delicate cycle to minimize the risk of damaging the delicate embroidery. Do not soak and scrub the clothes dry in shade. And if you think of ironing, keep the iron’s  lowest temperature on the opposite side of the chikankari kurta. 

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