How to look stylish in flared Jeans for thick thighs

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Every woman has observed fashion trends at some point in her life. Actually! fashion is a dynamic that keeps changing and very interestingly, a change could be progressive. Like that sometimes trending about outfits which means keep creating new and unique designs and sometimes about our personality. (like thin or thick)

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Guy’s! If you’ve meaty or athletic legs it can be challenging to shop for flared jeans. But don’t need to be fret because a flared jeans can be comfortable. although, flared pants are incredibly trendy right now that have wider hem opening and also flare out from the knee. this style really captivate and balance for curvy hips and big thighs. Here are many ways to look stylish with flared jeans if you’ve thick thighs!!

  • One of the best thing about flared pants is that they look great on all body types. For an ultimate flattering look, tailor your flare size to your silhouette. 
  • If your hips, thighs and rear are larger than your waist and bust, a wide flare is perfect for you.
  • When you wearing flared you appear taller and slimmer. 
  • Women who carry their weight mostly in their hips, thighs, and rear look amazing in wider flares or bell-bottoms. 
  • Look for fits that are form-fitting in the butt, thighs and all the way down to the middle of your knees.
  • When worn the right size, flares can elongate your legs and make you look smart and polished.
  • Never be confused when choosing a pair of jeans because flare jeans are a good way to balance a bottom heavy figure.  

Don’t be afraid to size up

Flare jeans should be fitting but not tight so that you can easily wear your thick thighs. When you buy flared jeans keep in mind that they’re not too large or too small. You know too small jeans will highlight your extra muscles. Wearing jeans that fit right is important. 

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  • Never choose a larger size, actually a pair of larger size jeans will be uncomfortable to wear. 
  • Jean sizes vary from store to store, so always try on a few different size options to see what works best. 

Styling with your jeans 

While choosing clothes, always keep one thing in mind that whatever clothes you are buying should be comfortable and that should suit your personality. Do not pair flared jeans with a short or tight top. 

Tuck into Top with Flared Jeans

If you’ve a heavy figure and tucking in low waist jeans, you should often wear a pair of long top shirt or t-shirt so that you can’t face a terrible silhouette.

Tuck into Ankle Boots for Styling with them

Flared jeans are a good choice for everyone, actually when we are fully ready to go then the biggest question is what to wear on the feet? So, you might add ankle boots, ballet flats or duck boots that will get you a professional look. If you don’t feel comfortable trying something new like high heels types. 

Choosing Details for your Flared Jeans 

  1. Everyone knows that black is slimming but dark color is very good.  Actually! The darker wash of the jeans the more flattering the jeans will look on your body. 
  2. An added benefit to wearing dark jeans is that will include a contrast top, shirts and sneakers.
  3. For heavy buts and thighs I can’t recommend buying jeans with back sides pockets. Well! These pockets will make your butts look bigger too. 

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