Can We Wear Black Kurta Shirt with Dark Blue Jeans 

Of course! Wearing a dark blue kurta shirt and jeans are the most attractive and popular combination. They match easily if you wear contrast shades. And yes, these pairs of dark blue jeans and black kurta shirt are enough to create an elegant combination to wear daily for effortless style. 

Two men wear black Kurta with Blue Jeans,

A black kurta shirt and blue jeans are about the most versatile pair you can have in your outings. Actually, Jeans go well with a kurta, kurta shirt, shirts and t-shirts. These are casual wear closets. Actually! A kurta shirt is pulled out for formal occasions, off work and for college students. Although! It can be worn most of the time like a friend’s engagement, a Diwali party and so on. We know a short kurta can easily be worn with jeans. The pair of kurta shirts and jeans gives a blend of fashionable and comfort at the same time. 

If you want to make it most fashionable, you should keep many things in mind 

First thing, your kurta shirt should be right fitting like sleeves, length, pattern and fabrics. 

Always keep in mind for occasions and accessories.

Keep it super-simple with loafers and neutral shoes and you can try out  double monk strap loafers or a suede tassel loafers with your outfit to look stylish. And they make you feel confident but some things depend on conditions. 

Make it appropriate because they are super cool outfits.  

As a slim fit short kurta and jeans make you look smart and casual. These pairs can be worn for casual and western style also. 

Dressed it up with a scarf & some accessories.

If you are a skinny guy then your kurta should be a little tight so that  your shoulder and chest show properly. 

If you’re overweight then you should wear loose kurtas.  

How to elevate your personality with kurta and jeans

For festive mood wearing a kurta shirt & jeans

A designer kurta is a very special outfit for occasions like marriage or family events but if you want to wear normal days so select the cotton blend for getting the casual look. Really! It’s a win-win compliments.  

Chunky and funky look with black and blue  

Who said black and blue can’t be worn but it’s perfect for everyone. Personally I just love them. However! A shirt kurta comes in many patterns and colors but (black and blue) make sure these are a contrast look. You can add a belt and smart casual shoes.

Fabulous look with in kurta shirt and jeans

Kurta shirts and jeans come in various designs and patterns. Take one best fitting and contrast combination for being stylish. Wearing the right accessories to make it jazzy. 

They elevate your look with dupatta

Level up with an embroidery shawl and dupatta. While you wear it over your shoulder for a royal look. These styles are more trending in the fashion industry.  

Add a blazer

Wearing with blazer is considered as one among the most well-liked ethnic wear. Nowadays, kurta and blazer is so popular and according to occasion you an adding them.

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