Bagotá Fashion Week

Bagotá Fashion Week 2024 (BFW) will be held in May 2024. These days, the Agora Convention Centre will obviously transform into a bustling hub of creativity and commerce as designers, buyers and fashion enthusiasts gather to celebrate the latest Colombian Fashion.

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It is a commercial and promotional platform of the Chamber of Commerce of Bagotá that wants to consolidate the city as an international fashion business capital. Here will gather luminary actors to boost the talents and expand their market with brands.

This event, now in its seventh year, is set to be a monumental celebration of Colombian Fashion, innovation and culture. This year’s events will see you amazing and different and expected to surpass all previous editions in scale and grandeur. 

In this year it was revealed that 110 selected brands will take center stage, presenting their latest collection to a driver audience of over 80 National international buyers. 

This is true, audiences are eagerly awaiting this latest creation runway show. From sustainable fashion to urban streetwear, each runway showcases diversity and creativity. 

We can’t ignore this runway BFF show because here we feel enchantment with designers revealing their latest masterpiece to an audience filled with anticipation. 

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